World Citizenship by Descent

The authors of Free People Search have posted the following graphic on their website which provides a useful overview of numerous countries’ “citizenship by descent” law. A previous post of mine which discusses the limitations on citizenship by descent in Canada can be found here.

Intra-Company Transfers – Specialized Knowledge

On June 9, 2014, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (“CIC”) published Operational Bulletin 575 - Expanded Guidelines for Officers Assessing Work Permit Applications for Intra-Company Transferees with Specialized Knowledge (“OB-575“).  OB-575 introduced more stringent requirements to the Intra-Company Transferee (“ICT“) – Specialized Knowledge program.  Specifically, what constitutes “specialized knowledge” is more restrictive, and most ICT – Specialized Knowledge applicantsContinue Reading

Service Canada Ends the International Graduate LMO

More to follow.. Effective immediately, the Department is ending the Recruitment and Advertisement Exemption for employers wishing to hire international students who have graduated from recognized Canadian post-secondary institutions and whose Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) is expiring. Employers submitting a labour market opinion (LMO) to hire an individual transitioning from the PGWP must now ensure thatContinue Reading

Security Certificates and the Harkat Decision

On May 14, 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) issued its decision in Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) v. Harkat, 2014 SCC 37 (“Harkat“).  While the SCC upheld the constitutionality of Canada’s security certificate regime, it provided detailed guidance to the Federal Court on applying the process.  Mohamed Harkat and the Security Certificate Regime Mohamed Harkat (“Mr. Harkat”)Continue Reading

Government of Canada Commits to Initiating Removal Against 875 Refugees Per Year

The following is an article that I wrote for the May edition of The Canadian Immigrant. ————————————————- In January 2014, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) released Operational Bulletin: PRG-2013-59, which states that the CBSA has committed to referring a minimum of 875 refugee vacation or cessation cases per year to the Refugee Protection DivisionContinue Reading

Moratorium on Labour Market Opinions for the Food Services Sector

On April 24, 2014, Jason Kenney, the Minister of Employment and Social Development, abruptly announced a moratorium on the Food Services Sector’s ability to participate in the Labour Market Opinion (“LMO”) program. Effective immediately, Service Canada will refuse to process LMO applications from employers in the Food Services Sector.  As well, all current LMOs for employersContinue Reading

Language Requirements for Immigration (IR-11)

During the time that I have been writing this blog the most frequently asked question that readers have asked me is whether their IELTS band scores are sufficient for certain immigration programs.  Some people have even offered to book initial consultations with me just so that I would review their IELTS scores.  This has alwaysContinue Reading

The Citizenship Test

All applicants for Canadian citizenship between 18 and 54 years of age are required to take the Citizenship Test.  (As previously noted on this blog, on February 6, 2014, the Government of Canada introduced the The Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, which will soon change the age requirement to all applicants aged 14-64.  As will be shown inContinue Reading